Medicinal disinfection paper towel

In addition to the general wet wipes cleansing and skin care functions, the disinfectant wet wipes can be widely used in the cleaning and disinfection of the hand in public places to effectively prevent harmful bacteria from invading the human body. Such as: Jin Yu Li Shu Jie barrel sterilization wipes and Jin Li Li Shu Jie professional sterilization wipes. They can clean the skin and the surface of the object, the working area and the surface of the skin, and have 99.9% bactericidal action against Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus.

Toilet paper towel

It must be soft in texture to protect our skin well, and it must stand the test of flexibility. Such as: Kimberly SCOTT bathroom special toilet paper series.

Beauty paper towel

Amy's ladies carry them with them, which is convenient and hygienic, which makes the complicated beauty procedures easier, and the beauty of paper towels becomes the new fashion for ladies.

Armored tissue

You can clean your ten nails with a paper towel and put a bag in your handbag. It will be foolproof.

Lipstick paper towel

After applying lipstick, I always feel that the lips are too bright and not natural. I use lipstick paper towels to print excess lipstick, and the lip color is naturally more.

Lipstick remover wipes

This paper towel contains a make-up remover that cleans the lipstick and leaves the lips moisturized.

Cleansing and cleansing tissue

Amy's lady should know that the cosmetics left on the face are the most likely to hurt the skin, so the makeup remover must not be sloppy. The use of this cleansing cleansing paper towel is more convenient than ordinary make-up remover, and the effect is comparable, even waterproof cosmetics can be easily removed. A pack of paper towels can replace 1 to 2 bottles of make-up remover.

Lotion paper towel

After daily cleansing, use a lotion to wipe the face, and the skin will be covered with lotion and lotion to make the skin moist and bright. It is the ideal beauty towel for traveling.