According to the relevant regulations of the state, the disposable hygiene products produced by the manufacturers are required to have the “deterioration font size” of the health administrative department at or above the provincial level, otherwise they are not allowed to be sold in the market. Ordinary household paper can not be used when eating. They differ in the standards of raw materials, hygiene and quality. For example, the napkin production workshop must be disinfected and isolated according to the requirements of disposable hygiene products, and there is no special requirement for the toilet paper production workshop. In addition, napkins must be individually packaged to ensure that they are always isolated from the factory to the outside, while toilet papers can generally be used in large packages; toilet paper only limits the total number of bacteria, and napkins limit the amount of each type of bacteria.

(such as: web----toilet paper, kitchen paper, etc.) The poor quality of the web is generally made from used books, newspapers and other beating. According to industry insiders who produce toilet paper, according to relevant national standards, these old books and old newspapers should not be sterilized by more than 600 bacteria per 100 grams of paper, but some manufacturers produce webs that do not meet this standard.