From the base paper to the packed paper cups, the following processes are mainly performed:

1. PE Laminating Film: Putting PE film on the base paper (white paper) with a laminating machine. The paper on one side of the laminating film is called single-sided PE laminating paper; the laminating film on both sides is called double-sided PE laminating paper.

2. Slicing: The slitting machine divides the laminating paper into rectangular paper (for paper cup wall) and web (for paper cup bottom).

3. Printing: Use letterpress printing machine to print various patterns on rectangular paper.

4. Die-cutting: Using flat-press indentation and cutting machine (commonly known as die-cutting machine), the paper with good graphics will be cut into paper-shaped cups.

5. Forming: only need the operator to put the fan paper cup and cup bottom paper into the feeding port of the paper cup forming machine. The paper cup forming machine can automatically form the paper for your needs by automatically feeding, sealing and flushing the bottom. Various sizes of paper cups. The whole process can be easily operated by one person.

6. Packing: Seal the well-made paper cups with plastic bags and package them into the carton.

The above is a full set of process flow. Customers who have little investment in their homes or initial investment can purchase from the PE Laminating Paper supplier a single-sided or double-sided PE coated paper that has already been coated (that is, a rectangular paper sheet). ] and [paper roll] used at the bottom of the paper cup). Most PE laminating paper manufacturers provide printing and die-cutting services. If paper manufacturers do not provide them, they can find printing manufacturers and die-cut paper cups.

At present, except for the large-scale manufacturers that complete all the processes independently, most of the investors at the outset have processed both the printing and die-cutting processes. One can reduce the initial investment; Second, the printing process is very professional, and the quality is guaranteed by a professional printing factory; The production speed of a printing press and a flat press indentation machine (die cutting) can be matched with four paper cup forming machines. , otherwise it will cause the device to be idle.

Therefore, we suggest that the initial investor can only perform the forming process (that is, purchase only the paper cup forming machine) and entrust the previous process to the nearby paper material manufacturer. The cost of these processes is only less than 1/20 of the selling price and basically has no effect on profits.