At present, the green disposable tableware developed and produced in China can be divided into pulp, rice husk, straw and starch according to the types of raw materials. There are hundreds of enterprises in China that produce paper disposable tableware with an annual production capacity of about 3 billion.

In the raw material production process of paper tableware, the pollution is serious, the cost is high, and the strength and waterproof and moisture resistance are poor. Therefore, its popularization and application have great limitations, and people naturally look to other places and benefit from science and technology. . For example, rice husks are used as raw materials to produce rice husk tableware. There are more than a dozen companies of this type in China, with an annual production capacity of about 150 million; straw-type tableware is mainly used as straw for crops, and there are currently more than a dozen in China. The annual production capacity of the manufacturers is 75 million. The starchy tableware is made of potato starch, which has good degradability and can be used as feed after recycling.