Pucao drinking tube

This is a Vietnamese drink shop that introduces an environmentally-friendly straw. The raw material for drinking tube is the stone dragonfly planted near the Mekong Delta. It is divided into fresh straw tube and hay drinking tube. There is no added chemical or preservative, but it is still recommended to use salt water before use. Scrub or dip with boiling water. This straw is health-free and can be naturally decomposed. The weed material is pure natural, the straw is made with a slightly sweet taste, and it is rich in fiber, which can also clean the teeth during chewing. And it can be decomposed, as long as it is placed in the organic recycling bin. This straw is not only environmentally friendly, but also suitable for eating when it is hungry.

Stainless steel straw

Stainless steel straws are older environmentally friendly straws that usually require a set and are available in different sizes and with a brush. Folded stainless steel straws have been introduced abroad, making them easier to carry.

Transparent glass straw

The biggest advantage of the transparent glass straw is that it can see whether the straw is clean and does not accumulate dirt, but it will often break or even be bitten by the teeth, causing injury.

Sugar cane straw

Sugar cane straw, made of pure natural raw materials, can be decomposed by environmental protection, but can only be used to drink drinks under 50 degrees.

Rice straw

Rice straw, hard texture, soaking in hot drinks for 2 to 3 hours, no problem, even can be eaten directly, but the taste is not very good.

Seaweed straw

The seaweed straw, which began to be sold this summer, has a similar appearance to a normal plastic straw, and begins to soften after about 18 hours of use, and does not have excess flavor and can be broken down within a few weeks.